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Farm to Table Coffee

Supporting Farmers

We are delighted to highlight two special coffee blends to come.

El Puente

Redefining Farm to Table

Under the leadership of culinary icon and award-winning chef Jose Garces, Garces Trading Company applies the concept of "Farm to table" in an innovative way by developing Direct Trade relationships with Central American coffee growers.

Chef Garces appropriately named this blend of coffee, El Puente, which means "The Bridge", as he continues to foster connections between ours and distant farm communities. 

Padre e Hijo

"Coffee is home"

Chef Jose Garces understands that coffee is so much more than just a beverage, and Garces Trading Company’s Padre e Hijo is something worth experiencing.  To chef, coffee is home. From fond memories of time spent with family to morning meditations, coffee has woven a rich tradition throughout Chef’s life.  

An easy drinking upright blend, the sweet and smooth Padro e Hijo hopes to become a part of your every day.